SHREVEPORT, LA:  Louisiana based Seaside Healthcare, a behavioral healthcare service corporation, has announced the acquisition of the Reidsville, North Carolina behavioral health company, Youth Haven Services.  Franklin Roemer, CEO and co-founder of Seaside Healthcare and Dawn Johnson, LCSW, CEO and co-owner of Youth Haven Services jointly announced the acquisition which was completed March 31, 2017.  “It is with great pleasure that we announce Seaside Healthcare’s further expansion in the provision of behavioral health services in North Carolina by welcoming Youth Haven Services as the newest member of the Seaside Healthcare family,” comments Roemer.

He continues, “As part of Seaside Healthcare, Youth Haven Services will share in a company that is committed to compliance, efficiency, and effectiveness for patients served and by working together, will serve the needs of North Carolina consumers as a long term partner.” In 2016, Seaside Healthcare acquired Pride of North Carolina, a move that allowed the mental healthcare firm to provide behavioral health services across North Carolina.

“Our ability to continue providing excellence in behavioral health services to the families of the communities we serve is enhanced by our becoming part of Seaside Healthcare,” comments Youth Haven Services CEO and co-founder Dawn Johnson. She states, “Our local leadership, which will remain the same as we become part of Seaside Healthcare, will continue to meet the needs of our consumers as we expand in both our network and scope of care.”

Seaside Healthcare shares with Youth Haven Services its focus on providing evidence based treatment services that are compliant with all state and national regulations for mental healthcare delivery.  Seaside’s goal, in acquiring Youth Haven Services is to provide effective, cost sensitive, and patient focused behavioral health services for North Carolina teens and adolescents and their families.   As a large deliverer of mental health services in Louisiana, Seaside has the resources to help enhance the scope of care that has been provided by Youth Haven Services since 2002 .

As part of Seaside Healthcare, Youth Haven Services will continue to provide mental health programs and services for youth and families.  Those services include Intensive In-Home Treatment, Outpatient Therapy, Day Treatment, Residential Programs among others.

Seaside Healthcare is a dynamic and growing organization that is currently expanding its mental healthcare delivery system across the south through acquisitions and new site development. More information on Seaside Healthcare can be found through our website and on Youth Haven Services at