SHREVEPORT, LA:  Seaside Healthcare, a behavioral healthcare service corporation headquartered in Shreveport, Louisiana, has acquired the North Carolina mental health service company, Strategic Interventions,  Inc. adding the multi county organization to the growing Seaside Healthcare family of behavioral health and substance use programs serving communities across Louisiana, North Carolina, Georgia, and Texas. The acquisition became effective November 1, 2019. Franklin Roemer, CEO and co-founder of Seaside Healthcare announced the corporation’s expansion in North Carolina, “Seaside Healthcare’s ability to further provide high quality and vital mental health services to an even greater number of families in North Carolina has been further enhanced by our acquisition of Strategic Interventions. Their multi-county clinic locations and the proven services they provide fit well with Seaside Healthcare’s approach to delivering accessible, high quality, patient & family centric, community-based mental health and substance use treatment services.”

Donna Duggins, MBA, who joined Strategic Interventions in 2010, will serve as Executive Director of Strategic Interventions. She has 25 years experience working in the Mental Health field in various capacities and holds a Degree in Psychology and an MBA. Duggins commented on becoming a member of the Seaside Healthcare family, “Being part of Seaside Healthcare brings with it a greater pool of resources and organizational strengths. Our ability to provide an even higher level of mental health services to the people of the counties we serve will be greatly enhanced as a result. This is a most positive change for Strategic Interventions and to the families who come to us for help.”​

As the newest member of the growing Seaside Healthcare family, Strategic Interventions will now share in Seaside’s focus of providing evidence-based treatment services that are compliant with all state and national regulations for mental healthcare delivery. Seaside’s goal is to provide community-based treatment in the least restrictive environment for patients and their families. As a large deliverer of mental health services in Louisiana, Georgia, Texas, and North Carolina, Seaside has the resources to continue meeting the needs of the people it serves across its growing network of providers.

Strategic Interventions is headquartered in Marion, North Carolina and provides community mental health services in Yadkinville, Morganton, Greensboro, Warrenton and Marion. In these locations, Strategic Interventions provides Assertive Community Treatment Teams, (ACTT), to help those with serious mental illness obtain adequate care in their communities, and to live a life not dominated by their mental illness. Using a team approach that consists of psychiatrist, nurses, mental health professionals, employment specialists, and substance use specialists, a very personalized level of care is available to patients in their homes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ACTT helps individuals with medication management, locating housing, findind educational opportunities or jobs, among other basic needs.

In addition to ACTT services, Strategic Interventions provides a Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) program. The PSR Program helps mental health patients improve the quality of their life through skill development assistance, pre-vocational training, supported employment, supportive rehabilitation counseling, skills teaching & practice, resource development, and peer support. The objective of PSR is to maximize the persons ability to function in all aspects of their lives.

Roemer commented on the expanding service network of the Seaside Healthcare family, “Seaside Healthcare’s strong model for patient first care as initially developed in Louisiana then expanded into North Carolina, Georgia and Texas serves as the foundation for our expansion of services in North Carolina as we move to help even more people in their own communities. Seaside Healthcare is most pleased to welcome Strategic Interventions into the Seaside family.

Seaside Healthcare is a dynamic and growing organization that is currently expanding its mental healthcare delivery system across the south through acquisitions and new site and program development. More information on Seaside Healthcare can be found through their website at Questions concerning program development or acquisition referrals can be made to Patrick Doyal, VP of Development at More information on Strategic Interventions can be obtained by contacting their corporate office at 828-655-3105.